We Love to Pass on our Skills

Workshops are available at the Studio, at your Location or via Zoom. Please contact us to book.

Available workshops

Book one of Knowledge Keepers today! Each one comes with a unique set of skills and years of experience.




paint brush

Beginner Paintings

Learn how to create a lovely acrylic painting in a three hour session. Paintings can be custom designed for your group or pick one of our favourites. 

Duffle Wall Hanging

Multi-session workshop teaches you traditional methods of creating Inuit Wall hangings.

paint brush

Silk Painting

This beginning workshop teaches you how to create these beautiful painted silk hoops or choose a lovely scarf

Kamik / Slipper Making

 Multi-session workshops teach you the traditional methods used to creating this stunning footwear  


 Learn traditional and Contemporary Embroidery techniques by creating the sweet sampler. 

cutting blade

Working with Seal Skin

 Seal Skin is a staple in Inuit Culture. Several workshops are available including; making art, creating earrings, and handcrafted bracelets.

spool of thread

Caribou Tufting

Create a beautiful tufted ornament and learn the basics of the traditional craft. 

3 bottles

Natural Dyes

Multi-session workshop. Learn how to create natural dyes and then use them to dye a variety of  materials.

spool of thread


Working with beads has been a long traditional with the Inuit. Several Workshops are available including: beaded earrings, cabochon earrings, and creating embellishment.